Our NPL ProLifestyle girls talk about ProLifestyle Water Cuts, a natural-diuretic created to help with rapid weight-loss. Here’s what each of our lovely ladies had to say:

Veronique Mitchell@veronique_mitchell
You’re doing everything you need; tracking your macros, making sure that your meal plan is personalised to your body type, pushing it hard in the gym. Then one day you wake up and look in the mirror. Your tummy looks chubby and your pants feel tight, but how did that even happen overnight?! The culprit is likely water retention, and if you don’t know how to deal with it properly, it can fuel an emotional firestorm of anger and frustration.

As women we are way more prone to gaining water weight due to our cycles. Many women will notice water retention even two weeks leading up to their period. Hormone levels changing around the time of ovulation, control how much water your body retains. Some months you might bloat a little where as others you will puff out completely! This is why I am so fond of NPL Pro Lifestyle’s WATER CUTS. It’s literally a magic supplement and a solution to a lot of our water retention issues. What makes this diuretic so amazing is that, number one, it is natural and safe to use. And number two, it is electrolyte balanced, which means even though your body is ridding itself of excess water, you won’t feel tired or dehydrated.

So, there is your answer! If you are trying to lose water while building lean muscle, Water Cuts is perfect for you. You can take Water Cuts to prep for a bodybuilding show or competition, or to fit comfortably into your little black dress for that upcoming Year-End party.

Logan Coleman@logancoleman_fitness
I use NPL ProLifestyle Water Cuts just before a completion, before a shoot or to get rid of excess water weight. Dropping that excess water doesn’t only help my physically, but mentally too. I feel better because I look better. I have better muscle definition and feel no uncomfortable bloating. This Summer I’ve began to use my NPL ProLifestyle Water Cuts so I can feel confident and comfortable on the beach.

Melissa Braun@ melkayb
Let’s talk Water Cuts, it is an agent that assists in water-loss, muscle definition and (my ultimate reason) reducing bloating. It can be used in pre-prepping for a comp, but in my case, I use it leading up to a photoshoot to get rid of excess water and to give my body a more defined look! If you have always wanted to get rid of that little bit of water that your body is holding onto, then this is the product for you! Remember that it is very important to keep hydrated during the course taking Water Cuts. Feel great and look your best this coming December! Try it today.

Chanle Erwee@ifbb_elitepro_chanel
I take NPL ProLifestyle Water Cuts 3 weeks out from a competition to help me reduce water retention. 3 tablets in the morning when I wake up, along with with 2x NPL Thermo fuel tablets to help me burn excess fat and suppress my appetite.

I tend to hold back water a week before and during my menstrual cycle. NPL Water Cuts is a lifesaver during this time. No more feeling like a bloated teddy bear. Water Cuts keeps my water retention at bay, and I feel fit and beautiful no matter the time of month.