Sometimes it can be difficult to find the energy and motivation to get a workout in. A Pre-Workout, like Amino Burn, can help give you the energy and focus you need to crush your workout!

When and How Often You Can Take Pre-Workout

You should be taking your pre-workout exactly when it says: PRE workout. Twenty minutes to half an hour before you work out, drink your pre-workout mixed with 200-300ml of water.

To test your tolerance, start with half of a scoop to one scoop or LESS. If you feel the effects of pre-workout by only taking half a scoop, that’s great, just use half of a scoop! For those of you who aren’t as sensitive, you may need a little more. Just find what works for you. But never exceed two scoops of pre-workout a day.

Common Misconceptions About Pre-Workout Supplements

There are quite a few misconceptions associated with pre-workout supplement for women.

1. Pre-workout is only for men

Both men and women can benefit from using pre-workout for increased energy and to help improve the quality of your exercise routine. Amino Burn is a great Pre-workout for women as it helps you burn fat while your workout and Amino Acids to help you recover!

2. Pre-workout will make it harder for me to sleep at night

Caffeine is in most pre-workouts, so taking a pre-workout could make it harder for you to sleep at night depending on how your body reacts to it. So as a good starting point, and to see how your body reacts to pre-workout, try taking it earlier in the day. You will also want to start off with half of a scoop of pre-workout. Once you know how your body responds to it you can increase to a full scoop. Amino Burn contains specific ingredients to help you with energy and mental focus to get you through the day, so we advise on taking it earlier!

3. Pre-workout will make me jittery

It is important to check the caffeine content in your Pre-Workout. Some brands add too much caffeine, causing you to feel jittery. Look for products that contain a mixture of ingredients and amino acids to give you the right amount of focus and energy with no crash! Amino Burn is specifically formulated so you don’t get the jitters or crash!