Whey peptides have gained increased respect from researchers over the last few years. Particularly those in the health and fitness industry. Whey peptides can be an important supplement for individuals attempting to lose weight, promote muscle growth and optimise overall health. This is because components in whey peptides not only will provide nutrition but also can prevent disease and inhibit allergies and carcinogens in humans.

Furthermore, it has been shown that whey protein peptides can block the angiotensin-I-converting enzyme or ACE to manage high blood pressure. This is a phenomenal benefit to those who are under high-stress conditions or follow intense workout regimens.

So why are they so powerful?

Whey peptides are powerful isolates of amino acids derived from much longer whole whey protein molecules. These isolated whey peptides provide an array of muscle building benefits.

These include the following:

  • increased release of insulin-like growth factor,
  • improved overall endocrine hormone response,
  • increased nitrogen utilization and retention,
  • increased intracellular glutathione and anti-aging antioxidants,
  • improved immune function,
  • improved gastrointestinal health, and
  • increased rate of muscle growth.

Whey peptides and muscle growth.

The main effects of whey peptides on muscle are:

They act as the building blocks

It provides protein and full spectrum amino acids, which serve as building blocks for increased muscle growth.

It regulates important hormones: It increases the release of anabolic hormones that can stimulate muscle growth, such as Insulin

It provides high amounts of Leucine: Leucine is known to stimulate muscle protein synthesis at the molecular and genetic level higher than any other amino acid.

It has super-fast absorption: Whey peptides and hydrolysates is absorbed and utilized very quickly compared to other types of protein.

NPL’s Amino Gains is a premium amino acid supplement that contains all the essential and non-essential amino acids, which is needed to build muscle, repair tissue and promote recovery. Amino Gains is further fortified with whey peptide, which are powerful isolates of amino acids. These peptides absorb ultrafast to support muscle growth, stimulate protein synthesis and ultimately improve physical performance by reducing fatigue, increasing recovery and reducing muscle catabolism.

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