What to know about Cleanse & Detox?

Cleanse & Detox has been precisely formulated using a unique blend of natural, cutting-edge ingredients intended to promote a healthy digestive system and assist in eliminating toxins that may be harmful to the body. Cleanse & Detox will leave you feeling revitalised and ready to start each day anew!

Aloe Ferox Bitter Crystals

Aloe ferox bitters is traditionally used for the beneficial effect it has on symptoms of constipation, eczema, pain due to arthritis and high blood pressure. Constipation causes harmful toxins to build up in the body. Toxins, that are not properly excreted, can be absorbed again, leading to poor health.

Turmeric and Curcumin

Turmeric and especially its most active compound curcumin have many scientifically proven health benefits, such as the potential to prevent heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer.

It’s a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and may also help improve symptoms of depression and arthritis and removes toxins from the body.

Fennel Seed Powder

Fennel Seed Powder may have antibacterial properties. Studies show that fennel extract effectively inhibits the growth of potentially harmful bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and candida albicans. It also may reduce inflammation. The powerful antioxidants in fennel, such as vitamin C and quercetin, can help reduce inflammation and levels of inflammatory markers.

Broccoli Extract:

Broccoli Extract has many benefits such as promoting lung health, improving the body’s immune defense systems, and most importantly protecting the liver and improving liver function – this is so vital as the liver detoxifies the entire body.

Parsley leaf powder

Parsley powder is incredible for fighting disease from diabetes to asthma, it is a great source of vitamin C which is a key nutrient in the processes that neutralizes the free radical that play a key role in the development of these diseases. Parsley may also beat inflammation and protect your blood vessels!