Many people partake in intermittent fasting – a prolonged period where one does not eat anything and only drinks black coffee, tea and water during this fasting period.

There are a few variations out there that are used. There is the 16:8 fast, which involves fasting for 16hrs then eating all the food that you usually would during eight hours. This is commonly known as the “feeding window”. Then you get the 5:2 variation, where you would eat normally for 5 days and then consume only 500 – 600 calories on the last 2 days. Another variation is known as “Eat Stop Eat” fast, this would involve not eating for 24hrs once or twice a week. Then lastly you get “The Warrior Fast”, this would involve you only eating one large meal a day within a 4-hour window.

What Are The Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is great for the burning of fat. The longer the periods of fasting may result in greater fat burning and accelerated fat loss. There have been cases where people who fast, find that they can even have their cheat food and still see the benefits and results. Hence a reason why people find intermittent fasting so appealing.

The thought of not eating for a few hours or having to skip meals can be tough. Once you have your body conditioned you can get past the thought of having to eat, especially when you see the results.

What should I eat as my First Meal after a fast?

It is important to have a good meal after a fast. Even though there is a bit of leeway when it comes to what to eat, it is recommended to eat a high protein meal, along with healthy fats and complex carbs. Studies have shown that if you have a high protein meal rather than a high carb meal, your body will increase calorie consumption and fat burning with ever meal.


Sleeping at night does count as fasting. Using the 16:8 fast, if you have a protein shake before bed and sleep for 8 hours, you have then completed 8 of the 16 hours, leaving you with only 8 hours to go.

Food and Drink

Obviously, you can’t eat or consume any calories during the period of fasting. The best is to stick to water, coffee and tea. But make sure that you not having any milk, cream, sugar or for those who like bulletproof coffee, butter.

So, if you decide to use intermittent fasting to lose fat, be sure to choose the right one that will yield the best results for you and that will best suit your routine.