It’s that time of year again! You’re either trying to lose weight, cut out unhealthy eating habits, stay away from sugar and alcohol, or getting a jumpstart on your bikini body. Whatever it may be starting a diet is a whole lot easier than maintaining one, especially when the weekend rolls around.
Here are a few helpful tricks to assist you on your healthy eating plan, and motivate you to keep with it…

1.Manage your expectations
Before you start on your diet ask yourself “is this something I can stick to for weeks, months or maybe even years?” Many diets have ridiculous demands, and it’s always best to choose a plan that will eventually become a lifestyle.

2. Move!
Any effective diet plan should include a moderate amount of exercise. By working out you will lower your stress levels and reach your weight loss goals quicker.

3. Don’t call it a diet
Diets are short terms. You’re on an eating plan.

4. Prep meals
This is the most common way to ensure you don’t stray from your eating plan. The way to stick to your diet is to plan for the week ahead. Freeze meals if need be, pack snacks and ensure you are not limited to options.

5. Give yourself a cheat meal
Not a cheat weekend, a cheat meal. It is important to stick to your goal, but don’t punish yourself. If you’re out with friends or on a date have a dessert or pizza, but don’t over indulge and destroy all your hard-work.

6. Set up a rewards system
Reward yourself by going out for a mani-pedi or buying a new item of clothing.

7. Keep it interesting
Stock up on healthy recipes and experiments with your food. You need to be creative in the kitchen to stay motivated. If you eat the same things every day you will get bored with your food and your taste buds will hate you.