If you need to recover quickly from a strenuous workout or injury you will need to use advanced post-workout nutrition. Taking in post and intra-workout supplements allows you to perform better and recover faster. The harder you recover the better your next grueling workout will be.

Today we know that post- and intra-workout nutrition is fundamental. When it comes to enhancing recovery, you need more than just clean eating, plenty of water, and a protein shake. What you take in before and during your training is crucial when it comes to maximising long-term performance.

Prioritize the fuel you put into your body after your training session. Making sure you’re doing it right during the training session is also vitally important for muscle growth and repair. Remember muscles grow when you rest. Post- and intra-workout supplements limit protein breakdown and the inflammatory response after training, while maximizing all the hormonal response benefits associated with increased growth and fast recovery.

The Fix
NPL Re-Fuel is a revolutionary post-workout recovery formula, that delivers the exact ingredients you need after every workout to ensure unreal results. It contains no proprietary blends, proper dosing on all ingredients, no “hidden” formulas, no concentrates, and no smoke and mirrors. All of the ingredients in NPL Re-Fuel are critical for post workout recovery.

NPL Re-Fuel is a scientifically formulated, all-in-one, low carb post-workout recovery drink. Using the latest advances in supplement research, Re-Fuel combines ingredients in effective dosages in order to minimize exercise induced muscle damage. Re-Fuel supports rapid muscle recovery, as well as promoting strength and lean muscle growth. Post-workout supplementation consisting of key nutrients is essential to protect your hard-earned lean muscle gains and getting your body out of the catabolic state which occurs post-training. Low carbohydrates and low sugar makes Re-Fuel is perfect for those individuals trying to attain an ultra-lean physique but still need optimum muscle recovery. Re-Fuel helps you take your training to the next level by ensuring optimal protein synthesis to decrease muscle soreness and enable you to tackle each workout with full intensity.

Re-Fuel the right way!