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Thermo Cuts

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  • Thermogenic Weight Loss Aid
  • Appetite Control
  • Increased Energy
  • Enhanced Mood

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our most trusted and best-selling all-in-one thermogenic fat burner.

THERMO CUTS is an advanced thermogenic, mood enhancing and energy activating fat burner with key synergistic ingredients to boost energy levels, target fat cells for faster weight loss.

Experience heightened levels of focus and energy and enhanced mood without the ‘jitters’ that competitor fat burners cause.


” Definitely works. I’ve lost 5 kg since I started with it. Finally a fat burner that actually works!” – Stephany Peters

30 reviews for Thermo Cuts

  1. Claire Russels

    Can’t believe how well it works.
    This truly is a great product been using it for about two weeks and it has really controlled my appetite and using it with diet and exercise is really helping with weight loss. I’ve lost 3kgs already.

  2. ina.vanniekerk142

    since i’ve started using this product . i’ve seen great results and are still using the product . also gives me a great deal of energy

  3. clarisseventer101

    The results ate absolutely astonishing!!! Makes me look and feel GREAT

  4. Rene Ackerman

    I am in love with the entire Pro lifestyle Series. The Thermo Cuts are a great addition to any workout and diet plan, and not only will you burn fat but this keeps my cravings at bay and also a well needed energy boost.

  5. Stephany Peters

    Definitely works. I’ve lost 5 kg since I started with it. Finally a fat burner that actually works!

  6. dani.b

    Super helpful in my journey to weight loss!

  7. Michelle Ferguson

    Feel good on it. Definitely don’t have as many cravings.

  8. Lauren Hagard

    Definetely suppresses my appetite and am seeing great results!

  9. Wendy

    Thermocuts definitely work,they increase energy levels and help burn fat.The only thing I am struggling with is constipation while taking them.Any solution?

  10. sglendon4

    I have been using this product for 3 days and I can definitely feel my energy levels increase and it really helps control you appetite.I am a HUGE night snacker. This really seems to work.

  11. daylebrandt

    Everyone is talking about this product and I have to get me some. Need to lose some weight

  12. Thuls

    So far so good, it been 9 days using this product but on my 5th n 6th day i experience d tight throat not sure if it one of the side effects, buT the results are amazing
    my pre pregnancy jeans are starting to fit and am hoping more results

  13. Jaco

    Excellent product if you want to get shredded, would recommend.

  14. Carey

    Best product to use for shredding!

  15. Cherilee Sharpley

    BEST thermogenic on the market

  16. venter.cherilee

    Will recommend this to anyone who wants to use natural fatburners. Awesome

  17. kallie868

    The best product ever

  18. Leandea

    Love the product and its affordable

  19. aglaubser

    I absolutely love this product and it really works. I have been taking it for about 3 months now and have lost 5kg. My body is more toned as well. I will recommend this to anyone.

  20. Yolande

    Hi..i have been on it only 2 days now, but i do not have as much energy? i do experience some restlessness at night. I took the last 2 at 5 o clock yesterday afternoon. I take 4 a day..2 20 min before meals. what will happen if i only take 2 a day? will it still be as effective?

    • NPL

      Hi Yolande, thanks for your comment. We would definitely suggest not taking Thermo Cuts after 3pm to allow for better sleep. This product is a very potent fat burner and has a high amount of stimulants. The lack of energy might be due to a variety of factors, including quality of sleep the night before, the effect of meals during the day etc. Please also note that taking Thermo Cuts may not translate into having more energy, but you will definitely be burning more fat.

  21. kollabouwer

    these are great boost with the L-CARNITINE in the morning , no shakes , no headaches.
    would definitely recommend

  22. Jacques Stellio Veerayen.

    Hi have taken the said fat burner + my spinning Bike early in the morning and have noticed great great result, up to now have lost approx 10Kgs in 5 Months.
    jacques veerayen – Mauritius Island.

  23. vossge17

    Fantastic product. I have tried quite a few fatburners, all with plenty of promises, but no results. Thermo Cuts is the exception. Improved energy, no jitters from caffeine and visible results in a short while. will definitely do another round.

  24. Ivy

    I started on Monday 27 January. I drink the pro diet shake also. Thermo cuts – Drink 2 at 7:30 and 2 at 12:30. My cravings is gone but I have headaches that I am not used to it. Is that normal?

    • NPL

      Hi Ivy, it could be that you are sensitive to the stimulants contained in Thermo Cuts. A good way to get your body used to this is to start with one capsule per serving, and then build up your intake to the recommended serving size over a period of two weeks.

  25. Corle

    I’m interested in using this product, but have a question… Does your body get use to the product/ingredients and then it stops working?

    • NPL

      The body does build up a certain tolerance to stimulants over time, and that is why it is best to use the product for a month and then take a 1-2 week break.

  26. Paula Bornman

    I’ve been trying to eat better (healthier) for quite some time now but always end up putting it off as temptation gets to me. Due to slowed metabolism with age the belly is starting to put out. I’m very prone to crave junk food regularly, especially sweet stuff, it’s honestly been the toughest part of trying to get healthier. I’ve been using the product for a week in conjunction with some home exercises and definitely vouch that it’s completely eliminated those cravings and helped with my appetite to constantly snack on the bad stuff. I’m eating better and don’t even get the slightest urge for the usual treats. I’m also feeling more energized and sleep better. Obviously I haven’t physically seen any improvement yet as it’s still very early days and realistically these things take time. I am however very confident that there will be improvement as this product is helping me with my biggest challenge. I will definitely continue using it.

  27. Jin

    I was skeptical at firat, but I’ve lost 2 kgs in one week. I am impressed, there are side effects but it definitely works!!

  28. Tumi

    I’m on my second day and I must say it’s working so far! My mood is much better and my cravings are much less , looking forward to losing weight 🙂

  29. execshuttles

    Excellent fatburner. My wife great results using it.

  30. amorevaswegen

    This product 100% helps with weight loss, however, it heightened my anxiety A LOT (the label on the packaging does warn users about this) so I couldn’t continue using it.
    I gave it to mom she and she loves it and has been seeing great results using it!

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