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  • 55g Precision Protein Per Serving
  • Low Sugar
  • Added BCAA’s and L-Glutamine
  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass
  • Enhance Strength and Performance


Pro Gains Updated Facts

GAIN QUALITY lean muscle mass withouT unwanted body fat.

A premium mass gainER stack for optimal muscle growth and quality lean gains.


Pro Gains is formuated with 75g of high quality carbohydrates consisting of Low GI Maltodextrin, Waxy Maize Starch and Isomaltulose. It’s high in fiber and digests more slowly.


Pro Gains contains 7 high quality multi-stage release proteins for fast, medium and slow release of protein and amino acids. This elite formulation sets a new standard in next level mass gainers with the inclusion of a potent vitamin and mineral blend, glutamine and BCAAs.


Designed for anyone looking to bulk up and increase muscle mass while trying to remain lean at the same time. This cutting-edge formula is tailored to your body’s growth and recovery demands.

PRO GAINS is an ultra-premium sports supplement that is scientifically formulated to promote muscular hypertrophy.


“This is THE BEST mass gainer you will find… Better than most international brands! Great bang for your buck as well! I would recommend this product yo anyone who wants to build lean, quality muscle”. –  ndp106

20 reviews for PRO GAINS

  1. Barry Goodman

    Best mass gainer I have every tried.

  2. janksdave

    Excellent products!

  3. ndp106

    This is THE BEST mass gainer you will find… Better than most international brands! Great bang for your buck as well! I would recommend this product yo anyone who wants to build lean, quality muscle.

  4. jeandrecoetzer99

    So impressed with the results and great taste of this product

  5. Dale Hargreaves

    Pro-Gains is a great product that not only tastes great but it is one of very few if not the only one that mixes without clumps of powder while you are drinking. The minimal amount of sugar making up the carbs vs the competition is great for those of us looking for less sugar intake per serving. It may not be the cheapest product out there, but it sure is the best value for money mass gainer out there currently.

  6. Jack Baker

    Have seen good results with this product. Love that its low in sugar and tastes amazing – Banana is the BOMB

  7. kylecampbell191

    Great product! Great taste! Has helped me slowly start picking up mass again

  8. Jacob Nelson

    For a lean gainer, I would recommend this. Vanilla is still my favourite.

  9. John B.

    I am a big fan of all NPL compared to other brands products’, they by far are better..Just wish the prices were a little lower..

  10. johanvent86

    Amazing taste and great results. Awesome product.

  11. ivanovic.lukester.luke6

    Awesome taste! Convenient way to get a decent amount of calories in

  12. Pat Botha

    At 61 and being the Top WPC-SA 61 year old Powerlifter in South Africa at the moment with SA and World Record lifts of 280Kg Squat 130Kg Bench and 252.5Kg Deadlift, I find it very difficult to have several meals a day to maintain my weight to over 125Kg, by using Pro Gains I can maintain the necessary nutrition by sipping my mix all throughout the day, the product has given me great results, I swear by this product to be the best of its sort on the market.

  13. cliveliam70

    Great tasting. Quick builder.

  14. managementciano

    I gained a lot of mass with this .. i will definelty use it again

  15. Clayton Kaptein

    Quick absorption. Lovin the gains

  16. wvdbergds289

    Helps you gain good muscle

  17. rudi.potgieter418

    Pro Gains from NPL is the perfect product for your off season gains during your bulking phase, if you are looking to go through a lean bulk this will definitely help while maintaining a good diet and exercise plan which you can also get on the NPL website for FREE.

  18. Charl

    Great product, great taste

  19. Rudie

    Love it. It’s a awesome product

  20. Siya

    Best Gain product,after spending a year without working out. I had lost my shape and growth. I was desparate for a clean comeo. Lol I must say the growth in a month I have achieved, I feel great. I cought up to my previous sets. In a month and this is class NPL. You did it for me.

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