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  • All-In-One
  • Weight Management Shake
  • 25g Protein per Serving
  • Low GI
  • Low Fat
  • Added Fibre and Essential Vitamins
(39 customer reviews)





DIET PRO is one of the best tasting meal replacement shakes, high in quality proteins to provide your body with the nutritional support needed to assist you in your efforts for weight loss. Diet Pro can be used anytime throughout the day as a meal replacement or a quick snack. Diet Pro is an On-The-Go nutritional shake designed to satisfy your hunger as well as please your taste buds. If you are looking to lose weight the healthy way, then Diet Pro is for you!

Diet Pro contains over 25g of high quality protein per serving. With added dietary fibre and digestive enzymes, as well as essential vitamins and minerals, Diet Pro will keep your body energized throughout the day.

Today’s busy lifestyle barely allows enough time to eat breakfast and the body does not receive the nutrition it needs to perform at its peak throughout the day. Most fast food and ready-made meals lack real nutrition and leave you feeling tired and weighed down. Our low calorie, healthy nutritional shake is designed to suppress your appetite, while allowing you to feel fuller for longer. Diet Pro also contains Green Tea Extract, Garcinia Cambogia and L-Carnitine to assist with fat loss.


Diet Pro is ideal for individuals looking for a healthy, balanced, on-the-go meal replacement. Instead of grabbing something at a convenience store, which is often unhealthy, this low calorie, healthy nutritional shake will suppress your appetite, as well as allow you to feel fuller for longer. With the right balance of quality protein and low GI carbohydrates, Diet Pro competes with world class meal replacement shakes and supports a healthy, weight loss diet.


NPL follows a non-proprietary blend policy, whereby we disclose all ingredients on our labels. Our products are independently tested at random to ensure customer peace of mind.

Consumer satisfaction and ensuring that we provide products of the highest quality, is extremely important to us at NPL and we will never compromise on this. We refuse to cut corners when providing the best supplements; supplements and nutrition that set the standard and most importantly, produce results.

Additional information

Weight 0.908 kg

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Nutritional Info

Typical Nutritional Information
Serving Size: 2 Rounded Scoops Per 100g Per 45g % NRV* Per 45g Serving
Energy (kJ) 1414.0 kJ 636.0 kJ
Protein (g) 56.3 g 25.3 g 45%
Glycaemic Carbohydrate (g) 24.1 10.9
Of which: Total Sugar (g) 9.5 4.3
Total Fats (g) 1.8 0.8
Of which: Saturated Fat (g) 1.1 g 0,5 g
Dietary Fibre (g)** 5.8 g 2.6 g
Total Sodium (mg) 663.0 mg 299.0 mg
Potassium (mg) 498.0 mg 224.0 mg
Calcium (mg) 530.0 mg 239.0 mg 18%
Magnesium (mg) 70.0 mg 32.0 mg 8%
Phosphorus (mg) 495.0 mg 223.0mg 18%
Vitamin C (mg) 111.1 mg 50.0 mg
Nicotinic Acid / Amide / Niacin (mg) 17.8 mg 8.0 mg 50%
Vitamin E (mgTE) 16.7 mgTR 7.5 mgTE 50%
Pantothenic Acid (mg) 5.6 mg 2.5 mg 50%
Vitamin B6 (Pyriodoxine) (mg) 1.9 mg 0.9 mg 50%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) (mg) 1.4 mg 0.7 mg 50%
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) (mg) 1.3 mg 0.6 mg 50%
Vitamin A (mcg) 1000.0 mcg 450.0 mcg 50%
Folic Acid (mcg) 444.4 mcg 200.0 mcg 50%
Biotin (mcg) 33.3 mcg 15.0 mcg 50%
Vitamin D (mcg) 16.7 mcg 7.5 mcg 50%
Vitamin B12 (mcg) 2.7 mcg 1.2 mcg 50%
L-Carnitine 555.56 mg 250.0 mg
Grean Tea 111.11 mg 50.0 mg
Garcina Cambogia 444.45 mg 200.0 mg
* % Nutrient Reference Values (NRV’s) for individuals 4 years and older (2010)
** AOAC 985.29 (Method of analysis)
Not established
Ingredients: Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Soy Protein Isolate, Maltodextrin, Skim Milk Powder, L-Glycine, Cocoa Pwder (only in Chocolate and Red Velvet), Fibersol® 2, Flavouring, Stabiliser, Salt, L-Carnitine Fumarate, Garcina Cambogia, Sucralose Acesulphame K Blend, Vitamin Premix MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) Oil, Grean Tea Extract, Colourant (E125 Red Velvet), DigeZyme®, Tolerase®.
Storage: To maintain product freshness, store away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place (<25°C) and keep the bottle tightly sealed. Keep out of reach of children.
Note/Warning: Consult your doctor prior to use. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing unless prescribed by a sports physician/dietician. Maintain an adequate state of hydration while using this product.
Allergens: No Allergens Added. This product is manufactured in a facility that uses raw materials containing Soya, Cow’s Milk, Guten, Fish, Peanuts, Shellfish and tree nuts. (Allergen control in place)

39 reviews for DIET PRO

  1. rene.ackerman

    My Go-To Meal replacement!

    I was told by a friend to try this shake about a year ago and was hooked from the very first sip. Not only is Choc-nut Sunday the best tasting flavor EVER! but this shake actually delivers what they claim. I have lost 32kg over the course of 10 months by using Diet Pro religiously in conjunction with a healthy diet and workout plan.

    Top reasons I use Diet Pro: Fills me up, Reduces cravings and best of all does not make me bloat.

  2. Sarah Botha

    Great taste!!! Looking forward to trying other flavours.

  3. Estel van der Merwe

    Love it!!
    I love the Vanilla Doughnut flavour!! Delicious!!

  4. clarisseventer101

    My go-to breakfast for mornings when I’m running late. Great meal-replacment.
    A bit sweet – but still a great taste.

    Love the vanilla**

  5. dani.b

    Love this shake! The Red Velvet flavour is incredibly delicious. The best meal replacement shake I’ve had.

  6. graham4wade

    Great texture, awesome value and it tastes delicious

  7. farhaansuliman8

    Great tasting MRP. Mixes well and keeps you full for long

  8. Mia Botha

    I’m always stocked up on this. As a full time working mom I don’t have time to always prepare healthy meals. This is a lifesaver.

  9. Bridget van Staden

    Vanilla Doughnut is my absolute fav! It also satisfies my sweet tooth :/

  10. Gracey Hendersen

    Tastes great. You must mix it well. The fibre creates a bit of a texture but understandable. I would rather have the extra fibre than bloated like most meal replacements make you feel.

  11. Tashy

    Tried many shakes in the past and all have me terrible side effects. This one however hasn’t! Its It’s incredibly delicious and is easy on the tummy. It does everything it promises. Amazing product

  12. jalal_aamir

    NPL Pro Diet blends well, with no lumps.

    Okay with just water. Amazing with milk.

    Tried Vanilla Donut and Red Velvet,
    Very yummy

  13. delmarie

    Just ordered mine!! Can’t wait to try this!

  14. Nélene

    This is my Go-To Meal replacement!

    This product definitely works, lost quite a few and it definitely stops those cravings and keeps you fuller for longer.

    If you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should.

  15. Janine

    Love this meal replacement! Exactly what I need on the go and love the flavour. Keeps me satisfied

  16. nataleighstrydom

    Obsessed with the chocnut sundae flavor, great meal replacement option with a great chemical free taste and no grainy texture

  17. munyaradzi.diana

    I’ve been feeling less bloated since I started having it for breakfast after a gym session. It also provides me with energy that keeps me going until my next meal. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone.

  18. sglendon4

    I have spent tons of money on shakes. after a few shakes it ends up in the cupboard because of the taste. NPL Diet Pro is so good. It tastes like a chocolate milkshake you could buy at a restaurant. I have been using it for 3 days now and doubt it will end up in the cupboard. it makes you feel fuller for longer and I have it everyday for breakfast

  19. audreys

    Great tasting meal replacement shake…choc-nut sundae…is amazing!

  20. jaco.e.swanepoel

    Perfect product if you’re looking to lose weight!

  21. Tyrone Sutcliffe

    Excellent product

  22. mathewjk

    Use every morning with breakfast to up protein intake, increased satiety and noticeable fat loss

  23. Angella Pretorius

    Great taste. No after taste. Best one I have ever tried

  24. nelspruit.scmm

    I just simply love this product. The Chocnut Sunday is delicious and filling.

  25. pierre.cleaver

    Simply the best.

  26. KosmikZA

    Good quality product at a great price, my current go to shake in the mornings as part of my weightloss/lean muscle build.

  27. mareina_t

    Vanilla Doughnut was my first diet pro shake..and love how it satisfies your sweet tooth as well.

  28. Welmari

    I used to drink other meal replacement as I’m always on the go and was never satisfied with the taste thereof until a friend told me to try this diet pro. I absolutely love this. Very good!!

  29. emilygvz

    I love this product
    It reduces my appetite as well as keeping me full. Great for on the go meal.
    Enjoying the vanilla flavor which is not too sweet

  30. Sammy

    Great product

  31. saskiamannheim

    Had my first serving of this one today. And oh my wooooorrrd it tastes so amazing. Most protein shakes or meal replacement shakes just taste crappy… This one is delicious. Thanks NPL

  32. Nikita

    Love this product, tastes better than other brands out there. Can’t wait to taste the other flavours.

  33. amischoeman92

    I was introduced to this shake a few months ago & I absolutely fell in love with it. I will never use any other shake again.

  34. Donna

    The Vanilla dougnutsl flavor is out of this world! I’m the most fussy person when it comes to taste and texture and I would definitely recommend this product!

  35. Rachel

    Just bought the Red Velvet flavour for the first time, really delicious , very sweet but otherwise really good and fills you up without that bloated feeling. Only wish it could be a little less sweet , but that’s a personal preference

  36. Noleen

    I’ve just started with the NPL diet pro, the taste is amazing and I don’t feel hungry. I look forward to seeing results

  37. wendydlamini40

    Red valvet my fav😋😋

  38. richardb

    DIET PRO great product! I have been impressed and have recommended to my friends.

  39. Nyasha Lorraine Mlilo

    Diet Pro is an incredible product. I am very impressed and would recommend it to anyone looking for a meal replacement. Red velvet is my favorite.

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