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CLA Ultra 1000

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  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid
  • Supports The Breakdown of Fat Stores
  • Body Toning
  • Weight Control
  • Stimulant Free
  • Metabolic Support

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Studies prove that CLA supplementation can help reduce body fat and increase lean muscle.
CLA ULTRA is a stimulant free weight control supplement that will assist your body in utilizing your stored fat as an energy source. If you are wanting to lose weight to achieve a healthier lifestyle, then CLA is for you.
reduce the dreaded water bloat and experience rapid water loss to reveal more muscle definition.
“I use this everyday. it keeps me toned and I don’t get the cravings I used to. A definite must!” – Abby Urene

19 reviews for CLA Ultra 1000

  1. Abby Urene

    I use this everyday. It keeps me toned and I don’t get the cravings I used to. A definite must!

  2. jeandrecoetzer99

    Great fat loss . Weight management product to have and have amazing results

  3. Barbara Hendries

    Quality product, I use it every day. Helps with my cravings.

  4. Sandra Strijdom

    Take it everyday, definitely feel better on it and motivated to eat healthy.

  5. delmarie

    I have seen people with amazing results using this product!

  6. Carey

    Best CLA brand to use! Gives me so much energy and doesn’t make me feel sick at all

  7. b.henery

    Really impressed with the quality and effectiveness of this product. Will continue to use it as needed.

  8. j.marx

    NPL continues to impress even more. Been using this product lately and it definitely helps with keeping cravings at bay, as well as making you feel better in general.
    Looking forward to more of their products!

  9. Mareina

    Amazing product, and works like a bomb with a fat burner.

  10. stephanie.donnan411

    best product, strongly recommended

  11. stephanie.donnan411

    Great for fat loss

  12. nikita.swart

    This is my first time using this product and I am already impressed, really assists with my new routine.

  13. wendydlamini40

    Npl products are the best

  14. Anzel Killian

    I can’t live without this. It really helps me to tone up.

  15. julia shigwedha


  16. Wynette Walker

    Helps with my cravings! Great product

  17. Sharon Abraham

    NPL has the best products.. I looove them

  18. vossge17

    This CLA is an excellent product. Enhances results of Thermo Cuts.

  19. execshuttles

    What can I say more, than Excellent Product!

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