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  • 225mg Caffeine
  • 2000mg Beta Alanine
  • Reduce Muscle Fatigue
  • Improve Endurance
  • Pre or Intra Workout



build muscle, increase energy and training focus while burning fat.

AMINO PRE-LOAD features all the necessary ingredients to increase energy and mental focus, enhance fat burning and allow for lean muscle growth.

Amino pre-load is perfect If you are trying to lose fat while preserving lean muscle mass – for that toned look, or training with performance and competition-focused goals in mind.


“I don’t train without this product. I have lost weight, my abs are coming out and I’m getting stronger and stronger. Thanks NPL for this quality product.” – Richard Du Toit

13 reviews for AMINO PRE-LOAD

  1. Richard Du Toit

    I don’ train without this product. I have lost weight, my abs are coming out and i’m getting stronger and stronger. Thanks NPL for this quality product.

  2. clarisseventer101

    Best product to train with*
    Gives you the boost you need.

  3. jeandrecoetzer99

    Great product to have . Really boosts the energy levels to help get me through gym and blueberry is the nicest

  4. jaco.e.swanepoel

    I use this with the hyper pump and it is just the bomb!!

  5. Bella Steyn

    As a crossfit athlete, I don’t train without this. I have noticed such a difference in my performance. Blueberry is my favourite.

  6. Brilley. M

    Best tasting pre by far.

  7. niko_5

    Great product, i feel a slight tingle and my muscles don’t give out as fast.
    For me I get the best results from having 1-2 gulps 10min before the workout and then sip the rest during the workout.

  8. brandon.vanhouten1

    What an amazing Intra workout boost. Used in junction with N.O. Charge as a pre and then you have an explosive mix with the best recovery formula yet.

  9. girlygainsfitness

    This is one of the best pre-workouts that I have EVER used. It doesn’t give me a weird tingling feeling or make me crash afterwards. I use half a serving and can still feel it work!

  10. Gru

    The first time I took it I felt some tingling through my body for like 5 seconds. After that it activated the greek god side of me that I really really felt immortal. I had the baddest, toughest and the most incredible workout ever. I then could not stop training. I kept returning for more – taken only one serving of this and the NPL whey servings throughout the day. I woke up the next day ready like I never trained the prev. I went at it again.
    But I began to fear it because my normal Caffeine dose is 200mg not 250mg. 250mg seems too much for me – I’m 76kg. Luckily they have another product similar to this but caffeine-free. 🙂
    I’d love to see NPL selling a single Amino Acids product of all EAA’s in powder form and the BCAA’s at 5g or more per serving.
    Great product this one. I’d return to it after adding a little more muscle. It’s total immortality.

  11. Emmanuel

    By far the best pre-workout I have ever used. Duel action for both fat burn and energy

  12. Pieter

    Using it when cycling as a pre, as well as an intra. Best and strongest I have ever felt in races

  13. bbrevolution2019

    Best pre workout ever. Helps you go further without the “crash”

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