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  • Enhances Fat Burning
  • Boosts Energy
  • Enhances Mental Focus
  • Zero Carbs
  • Zero Sugar



the anytime amino energiser to boost mental focus and enhance mood.

great tasting, amino acid drink designed to increase energy, improve recovery and promote fat burning throughout the day.

lose weight while preserving lean muscle for that toned look. Amino burn is the perfect boost of energy for any time of day.


“I swear by this product. I have more energy throughout my day and have lost 3 kgs in the last two weeks!” – Abby Hitchcock

42 reviews for AMINO BURN

  1. Susan Erasmus

    This is genuinely an amazing pre-workout. I find it hard to get myself into the gym but when I take a serving as I leave work, I feel that boost I need to get myself motivated.
    It also tastes AMAZING!

  2. Emily Grayson

    Great product!
    I highly recommend getting this product, it works as it says. I have definitely noticed a difference in the extra fat around the belly, it gets smaller each day. It doesn’t have a bad taste or aftertaste, like other pre-workouts.

  3. jeandrecoetzer99

    Great product and i like the fruit bliss flavour !

  4. ina.vanniekerk142

    great tasting product and also gives me energy to help start the day

  5. clarisseventer101

    Best tasting product on the market. My favorite is the STAWBERRY KIWI. It gives you that extra boost you need to get through the day.
    A definite must have for everyone!

  6. Philip Smit

    Am using the strawberry kiwi flavor. Before using this supplement going to the gym bored me. Now it gives me more energy and my recovery afterwards is much faster!!

  7. Abby Hitchcock

    I swear by this product. I have more energy throughout my day and have lost 3 kgs in the last 2 weeks!

  8. dani.b

    The best tasting preworkout I have had! Really saw results using this product.

  9. Sammy L.

    Taste is awesome. No horrible after taste.

  10. Pam Billows

    Have this before I train and now don’t train without it. Definitely gives me motivation to complete my workout

  11. Janine

    Love all flavours and keeps me going throughout my gym session as well as an amazing energy boost during a long day at work.

  12. Cherilee

    Just LOVE the refreshing taste of the Kiwi and Strawberry Amino Burn. Definitely the best pre-workout drink I ever had.

  13. venter.cherilee

    Just LOVE the refreshing taste of the Kiwi and Strawberry Amino Burn. Definitely the best pre-workout drink I ever had.

  14. Nqabeni

    Can it be used in conjunction with protein shakes?

    • NPL

      We would not suggest mixing it with a protein shake, as the flavours would clash, but it can definitely be used if you are taking protein shakes if that is what you meant.

  15. daylebrandt

    A friend of mine gave me one scoop and it just gave me a rush like never before. I must get me some .

  16. theomuda

    This is a great tasting product I love the results

  17. theomuda

    I am love love loving this product only been using it for a few days and I see results

  18. Kayley

    Absolutely love this product.

  19. Kayley

    Absolutely love this product

  20. j.marx

    I recently purchased the Kiwi and Strawberry flavor, and its definitely one of the best tasting pre-workout I’ve ever tried! My recovery and energy levels throughout and after my workouts have improved so much! Definitely coming back for more!

  21. nataleighstrydom

    Love this product, such a great pre-workout and great to sip on throughout the day on rest days as well as when I am feeling sluggish and the flavors are just YUMMY

  22. mathewjk

    The best tasting preworkout I’ve had, noticeable fat loss within two weeks

  23. Mariskap

    I LOVE amino Burn!! Use it as a pre-workout or just a pick-me-up on the days I miss gym. It works and it is yummy!!

  24. nvabkdwn

    Well-balanced pre-workout. The best I’ve ever used.

  25. Techno

    Great product, seeing great results.

  26. BigChief

    Great product. Gives me a good pump plus aids in weight loss.

  27. venter.cherilee


  28. taylameeks

    Love love love this product! best product i have tried! i like the summer berries but the Strawberry Kiwi is the Bomb!

  29. wendydlamini40

    The best in the market

  30. Em de beer

    I love this product. It tastes great and gives me the energy I need to get through the hardio cardio sessions!

  31. Natasha van Jaarsveld

    A friend told me about this product. I started using it everytime before gym and the energy it gives me is amazing. It tastes great and I would definitely refer this product to anyone!

  32. gelledup

    LOVE IT!
    Love how I can feel it working and the energy burst I get from it is amazing. Had to get used to the taste but once I managed that I can’t go without it

  33. kevbrace12

    Such an amazing product, I use it as a pre-workout. I get so lazy at the gym and this helps keep my energy and concentration levels up.

  34. Maegan

    Tastes great and doesn’t give me jitters, or any side affects. Make me feel amazing while I work out. Definitely 10/10, would recommend to friends!

  35. mwtschubert

    Great product , gives me more energy when I need it ,before a work out or throughout the day.

  36. Petenz

    Quick Question
    why can i not take this after 16:00 as a pre workout? i only get to the Gym around 17:40 that almost 2 hours after drinking the Pre workout? does not make sense to me as i would think that needing it just before a workout would be best?

    any advise?

    • NPL

      The only reason we suggest not to take this product after 4pm is that it contains stimulants that may affect your quality of sleep if taken that late. Some people are not affected by this, but you will have to see how your body reacts. We have a stimulant free fat burner (L-Carnitine) that you can use instead if you are training later in the evening.

  37. clarisseventer101

    Great product. I use it as a pre-eorkout and it gives amazing energy

  38. Michelle

    Can this be used with your morning smoothie?

    • NPL

      Definitely! Our flavours will work perfectly with a fruit smoothie.

  39. Emily

    How much weight do you loose when using this drink daily ?

    • NPL

      Hi Emily, this would depend on a lot of factors, such as your activity level and caloric intake per day, so we unfortunately can’t give you an answer without that detailed information.

  40. Lei

    Quick question:
    Can i also use NPL Shape & Tone with this?

    • Kirsten Reis

      Yes definitely!!

  41. execshuttles

    Got this for my wife. Huge improvement in energy especialy with workouts. Also seeing fatloss over tummy area. Will buy again. Got the fruit bliss now, next one to try strawberry and kiwi.

  42. nikitagoodwincp

    My favourite! Can’t go without it. Really love this product

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