Winter days are short and your willpower to hit the gym, or whichever form of training you prefer, is at an all-time low. Now is the best time to work on getting your body ready for the beach or pool-parties come summer.

Whether your goal is to bulk up or tone, we will help you stick to them. Write your goals down, create a vision board, whatever works best to keep you accountable. Don’t regret indulging in comfort-food and putting off going to the gym when you pack for your December holiday. The habits you create now are likely to carry into summer and the body you work for this winter will be your permanent body. Forget about the term “summer body”, you need to be focused on creating a better lifestyle for good.

Tips to get or keep your body beach-ready:

  1. Healthy eating

Don’t lose focus of your goals by indulging in high-carb, comfort food and cravings. Opt for healthy soup recipes and meals made with baby marrow and cauliflower rice instead of wheat-based pastas. Stick to warm beverages without adding sugar or full-fat milk.

  1. Warm up for longer

When you do exercise, whether it’s at home or the gym, add an extra five minutes to your warm up to really generate heat in the body and get you fully physically prepared for your workout.  A gentle jog and extra spin on the bike will be all it takes to fire you up for a more energetic and effective winter workout.

  1. Exercise

Switch up your normal exercise programme by attending your gym’s fitness classes. Attend spinning or other aerobic classes for a change of pace. If it is too cold to go for your morning run or cycle, consider doing body-weight exercises at home. Stick to a 4 – 5 day per week training regimen.

  1. Got the sniffles

If you get sick this winter and want to continue exercising, it is crucial to listen to your body. Exercising with a cold may be okay, but do not exercise if you have a fever, cough or suffer from fatigue. Take time off and give your body time to recover, it will reduce your recovery period and you can continue training at a higher intensity once you feel better. If you are worried about taking a step back in your progress, remember to watch what you eat. Make healthy choices and up your Vitamin-C intake.

Stay focused on your goals and three months from now, you will thank yourself.