We often underestimate the importance of a good night-time routine and how it can affect our energy levels, appetite and performance in the gym if we don’t get a good night’s sleep!

An intentional nighttime routine allows you to:

  • Unwind
  • Dedicate time to self-care
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Reflect on victories and growth opportunities

The amount of time you dedicate to a nighttime routine will depend on your lifestyle and what activities you wish to incorporate. However, it’s best to start practicing these habits at least 30 minutes (but up to an hour) before falling asleep.


Not that glass of wine or last remaining cold brew coffee in your fridge. Alcohol and caffeine shortly before bedtime can actually disrupt relaxation practices and prevent you from experiencing a good night’s rest.

Instead, prepare a warm beverage. Consider milk, water with an optional squeeze of lemon, tea or golden milk (turmeric infused milk)

For optimal relaxation and sleepy time effects, choose something without caffeine, like an herbal tea.


Spend a few moments in genuine conversation with a loved one. Sharing a heartfelt talk helps you both reconnect, express gratitude, appreciate small joys as well as embrace those moments of peace before a new day.

It’s okay if your conversation isn’t serious. In fact, a light-hearted conversation might be for the best. The idea is to decelerate from a hectic day, not become overly agitated or dwell on an unfortunate incident hour prior.


Allow for a few minutes to reflect on your day. Focus on moments that brought you happiness and made you smile. Write down—in your journal or mentally—at least one positive experience or interaction. Most importantly, be grateful.


Because giving yourself a little love can easily become an afterthought, incorporating self-care into your night-time routine is the perfect way to take care yourself after an exhausting day.

Practicing self-care can be a simple as trying a new facial mask you promised you’d faithfully apply weekly. Or stepping outside to take in a few intentional breaths of evening air and stargaze. Even listening to your favourite song or lighting a few candles can help you decompress.


Before you call it a night, find a way to engage your body. Even if you had a morning workout of afternoon step class.

Adding low intensity stretching to your night-time routine can release tension and prevent muscle stiffness. You may even fall asleep faster and get better sleep.


NPL has launched a fantastic product called Night-time burn. It is recommended to take 3 capsules before bedtime with some water to promote restful sleep. By getting a good night’s rest and relieving stress and anxiety, you can recover fully. This can also promote healthy weight loss as you decrease cortisol levels.


The struggle is real, but resist that incessant itch to peek at your phone. Most likely, your social media feed or work inbox can wait.

Studies show that the light from your phone or the tv, can prevent restful sleep, so it is best to cut it down.