For most of us it’s hard to commit to New Year’s resolutions, because they fade away as quick as we’ve made them.

The trick is being practical about it and setting out to do it differently so it’s easier to stay focused and progressive about your goals and through it develop positive rituals.


Follow these practical tips to stay focused on your goals and create a habit that has a positive impact on your  lifestyle:


Create a daily ritual

Our day-today life is all about routine. If your routine involves too many negative things it becomes draining and you lose focus. People with great success in life purposefully follow a daily routine; one that is structured and planned. Keep your daily routine clutter free and prioritise your tasks.


Set BIG goals for the year

Don’t think small, small goal equate small achievements and therefore small rewards. Setting BIG goals gives you a finish line to run towards, and at the the finish line, celebrate a BIG reward. Track your progress throughout the year, and evaluate whether or not you have been able to stay focused.


Set some daily quiet time

Striving to accomplish everything as soon as possible is admirable, but be careful of burnout, which leaves you worse than before you started. Spend some time alone reading, or do something outdoors in nature, practice a hobby that allows your mind to take a small break and recharge before doing more work.


Complete everything you start

Don’t start something you’re not going to finish. Competition is key, it sets your mind up for success. Completing everything you start is still an essential key to help you stay focused. Giving up on a task or procrastinating and pushing back a deadline only serves to weaken your mental resolve. Be determined and persevere. Making a to-do list is a great way to stay focused! It is such a great feeling to cross completed tasks off of a list one by one.


Multitask less

You may feel that multitasking is a skill because you can accomplish more things at once, but as the saying goes; Jack of all trades, master of none. Instead, devote all of your brainpower to accomplishing one thing at a time, and you will find it much easier to stay focused.


Avoid distractions

Stay off social media and make sure you have some media blackout days. Don’t check Twitter, Facebook, or your emails. Find quiet environments to work in, and if that isn’t an option, stay focused by listening to music.


Stay focused on being focused

As you strive to stay focused for the new year, realize that there will be times when you lose focus, after all we’re human. But true focus is found when you can fall back into the routine and keep your gaze steel on the end goal. Practice being focused.