NPL’s ProLifestyle – Women’s Fat Loss range, has helped me stay on track with my weight as well as my goals. They all taste great and really help to keep me in shape, all year round. I take Water Cuts to drop water weight, and Carni Lean to regenerate my skin and boost my metabolism. However, the 3 products I absolutely swear by, and will recommend to anyone are:

  1. Diet Pro 
    This meal replacement shake is an NPL top seller. NPL ProLifestyle Diet Pro comes in a variety of delicious flavours, such as Red Velvet, Chocnut Sundae, Vanilla Doughnut and Milk and Honey. Diet Pro is a life saver when I need a healthy snack or meal replacement. I’ll drink it on the road or as a quick breakfast before gym.
  2. Thermo Cuts 
    I can’t stress enough how great this fat burner is. NPL ProLifestyle Thermo Cuts is without a doubt, the best fat burner I’ve ever taken. It reduces my appetite, helps to burn fat and doesn’t make me feel uneasy or anxious – like many other fat burners do. Thermo Cuts combines thermogenic ingredients aimed to accelerate your metabolism and support a healthy lifestyle. I take 2-3 capsules before breakfast and lunch. It keeps me feeling energised and keeps my cravings at bay.
  3. Amino Burn 
    Amino Burn is my ultimate pre-workout supplement. I’ll drink it before I workout, or sip on it throughout the day if I feel like an energy boost. It’s a total wonder supplement, as it helps to burn fat and boost energy. I’ve recommended Amino Burn to so many of my friends and clients, and they all love it just as much as I do.