Getting your butt in gear can be done without squats, or even standing! This lazy girl booty circuit with resistance bands is super effective and helps to tone and tighten your backside. You’ll feel the burn almost instantly and can do this home workout anywhere!

Donkey Kick Lifts

Start on all fours and bring your left leg off the ground, your foot should be flexed, and your left knee should be bent at 90 degrees, knee parallel with your left hip. Gently press your foot up towards the ceiling, then back down. Do 20 lifts before moving on to the other leg.

Extended Leg Lifts

Extend your left leg outward, foot still flexed and keep your leg as straight as possible. Gently lift your leg up then back down to the original position. Squeeze the left side of your bum the entire time. Do 20 leg lifts before moving on to the other leg.

Fire Hydrant Lifts & Pulses

Bend your left knee and position it slightly behind your right knee (foot still flexed). Next, lift your left knee out to the left side, still focused on keeping your heel as close to your bum as possible. Then lower the left knee to meet your right. Do 20 repetitions, then after the 20th rep, keep your left knee out and elevated and complete 20 additional pulses, lifting the knee just a few inches upwards with every pulse.


Lie on your right forearm and right hip. Point your feet and keep them together as you raise your left knee up, executing a clamshell. Lower your left knee to meet your right and continue this open and close movement for 20 repetitions before moving on to the other leg.

Repeat this lazy girl booty workout with resistance bands 1-2 times through for the ultimate booty burner!!

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