This kool aid power punch is perfect for these hot summer days. It’s really easy to make and you can choose whether to take it as a pre- or intra-workout.

What you’ll need for your power punch:

750ml Pure filtered water

1 to 1 ½ serving Nitro-Rush Concentrated Liquid Cranberry or Raspberry Flavour

1 serving BCAA Liquid Concentrate Wild Cherry Flavour

1-2 Litre water jug

Lots of Ice

Optional: Pure Series Dextrose


Empty the water into the jug and add the ice. Give it a good stir to get the water nice and cold.

Add one serving of Nitro-Rush Concentrated Liquid. Depending on your tolerance to caffeine you may add another half a serving should you choose to. Add one serving BCAA Liquid Concentrate.

Optional: If you prefer some fast carbs pre-or during workout you may add some Pure Series Dextrose.

Mix the content together and make sure you stir it through thoroughly. Nitro-Rush and BCAA liquids are concentrated so it delivers a delicious, intense flavour to the mix.

It’s up to you how and when to take it, but it’s best suited as an intra-workout drink mix. It has all ingredients of a world-class pre-or intra-workout and it certainly won’t let you down in the gym. Fill your stainless steel shaker and either drink your power punch on your way to the gym or enjoy it as an intra-workout refreshment.