If you’re looking to pack on some impressive slabs of lean muscle as fast as you possibly can without putting on fat then this is just the stack for you. It is my go-to stack for quality lean gains of muscle and it works every time.

This stack provides everything you need to ensure your body remains primed keeps and your muscles in an anabolic state for high quality gains.

This stack has truly helped me put on the leanest mass as quick as possible. It is the perfect combination of pre-, intra-,  and post workout nutrition. It provides raw energy before and endurance during your workout and the satisfying post workout shake with the perfectly balanced ratio of protein and carbs to fuel muscles and kick-start recovery.


    1. N.O. Charge Ultra X6 pre-workout is a very intense testosterone boosting pre that will put you in the gym and you’ll never want to leave. This formula will jack up your strength for the best lifts. They say more weight = more gains so this is a perfect combo.


    1. Amino Armour is NPL’s latest innovation in amino perfection. This product not only features a massive amount of Leucine and BCAAs, but it also contains perfect ratios of Essential Aminos to ensure maximum anabolic response. This is lean gains at its best. It’s perfect for during my workouts to keep me hydrated and primed for my next set. This is without a doubt a stable in my supplement regimen to aid in high quality muscle gains.


    1. Series Black Pro Gains is the best tasting gainer I’ve ever used. This formula is scientifically formulated to promote muscular hypertrophy. Pro Gains is a nutrient rich, high protein formula, complete with 75g complex carbohydrates and 55 grams of the highest quality protein available and it contains fast, medium and slow release protein sources for prolonged protein delivery. Using Pro Gains promotes lean muscle mass, strength gains, and provides optimum muscle recovery.