NPL have formulated a revolutionary mass gain supplement utilising high quality, natural ingredients. Introducing NPL’s Elite Food Gainer. It is an ideal high-quality mass gainer for active athletes and hard-gaining individuals, who find it challenging to gain weight.

What is Elite Food Gainer?

The Elite Food Gainer mixes easily to deliver a superior blend of protein for rapid absorption and utilisation. It contains several low-glycaemic carbohydrates from real food sources, that digest easily to promote rapid and efficient glycogen replenishment. NPL’s Elite Food Gainer is a nutritional food supplement which helps promote lean muscle mass in active individuals or anyone seeking to improve overall size and strength.

What is in Elite Food Gainer?

NPL’s Elite Food Gainer contains protein from  several different sources – formulated to  support optimal muscle protein synthesis and  ensure that your body remains in an anabolic state. An anabolic sate refers to a state where the body builds and repairs muscle tissue. For the body to remain in an anabolic state or shift to an anabolic sate, it needs food that can provide the muscles with energy and nutrients needed for them  to repair and grow. Furthermore, the Elite Food Gainer contains no added sugar and has been fortified with a digestive enzyme blend and prebiotic fibre which may support overall gut health – to aid nutrient absorption and delivery.

Who should use Elite Food Gainer and when should one use it?

NPL’s Elite Food Gainer is ideal for individuals seeking muscle growth, muscle recovery, as well as muscle size and strength. The recommended use as a nutritional supplement is to mix 2-3 level scoops (150g) to 400-600ml of cold water or full cream milk. It is ideal as a post-workout  shake,  between or with meals or as directed by your healthcare professional  or fitness advisor. Serving size and mixing rations may be adjusted to meet individual requirements and taste preferences.

Additional information

NPL’s Elite Food Gainer contains carbohydrates from  real food sources including milled white rice, oats, maize, milled brown rice, and organic quinoa flour  (Quinoa Trim™). . It can be considered a lean muscle builder and contains pre-digestive complex carbohydrates for optimal absorption and utilisation.. In addition, Elite Food Gainer is free from creatine, and  has no added sugar.

NPL’s new Elite Food Gainer does not only include a revolutionary mass gainer formula with real food, but it comes in four delicious flavours which include Vanilla Pod, Strawberry, Chocolate, and Cookies & Cream. Take your gains to new heights and gain quality lean muscle mass with our new Elite Food Gainer.