Endurance athletes have unique nutrition requirements. It you train at a high intensity for more than 2 hours per day, it is essential to eat and drink accordingly for maximum performance and recovery. What to eat when can be confusing, so we have some general guidelines to help you maintain energy through training:

  1. Keep hydrated!

Hydration is the key to boosting your endurance through any workout. Staying hydrated can have a bigger impact on your workout than you might think. When you exercise you lose fluids. If you don’t stay hydrated you’ll not only experience a decrease in physical and mental performance, but you’ll also feel like the exercise is harder than it actually is. Hydrating with water that has been enhanced with electrolytes is a better option than just plain sports drinks because you’ll have less sugar to contend with and healthier hydration. Keep your muscles strong from beginning to end!

  1. Pre-workout meal

Carbohydrate, in the form of glycogen, is the main nutrient that fuels exercise of a moderate to high intensity. Body fat stores can also help fuel exercise but is mostly for low-intensity exercise over long periods of time.

A well-balanced meal or snack prior to exercise can help fuel the body, reduce early fatigue and speed up post-workout recovery. A pre-workout meal should be rich in carbohydrates, which serve as the body’s main source of energy and some lean meat which plays a key role in building and repairing tissue.

Find what works best for you, experiment with different foods and drinks to determine your ideal pre-exercise meal.

  1. Intra workout Snacks

To maintain energy throughout training or a race, it is crucial to consume precise proportions of fluids, carbohydrates, and electrolytes. To much or to little can cause fatigue, nausea or muscle cramps.

Easily digested carbohydrate foods, such as a banana or an oats bar, can help re-energize your body.  Experiment with different combinations of foods and fluids to determine what works best for you. It is best to experiment with foods and fluid when you while you train rather then with a competition where things can go South and you don’t have your best performance.

NPL Intra load is loaded with a superior carb blend and is one of the best supplements for improving workout performance, stamina and muscle recovery.

  1. Post workout refuel

The secret to maintain energy and hitting race day in peak form is nailing your recovery. Athletes who optimize post-exercise nutrition will perform better in their next training session and have more high quality sessions than athletes skipping post-exercise recovery fuelling.

To restore muscle glycogen and promote protein synthesis, consume a meal containing carbohydrates and lean protein or a shake within 30 minutes of finishing exercise. NPL refuel is an excellent source of protein and contains the highest quality protein available.

NPL’s Platinum Whey may improve muscle recovery and promote lean muscle mass after intense exercise. NPL’s Platinum Whey provides a great source of vitamins and minerals which contribute to promoting bone health as well as contributing to the support of muscle and nerve function.

  1. Sleep

Sleep has a significant impact on muscle recovery. If you don’t get enough sleep you’re not going to feel rested in the morning, and your muscles will not recover properly.

Follow these simple tips of how to maintain energy when endurance training and let us know whether it works for you.