Here are a few quick tips to follow if you’re looking to get shredded quickly.
First and foremost make sure you’re committed to following through no matter what it takes. Commitment to the end goal is key so prepare yourself mentally and your body will follow.

Tip 1: Increase your protein intake
When in a calorie deficit your body may begin using the protein you eat as a fuel source. This you don’t want, because you need all the protein you can get for muscular repair and maintenance. Increase your protein intake to avoid this. Not only does protein have a higher ‘thermic effect’, because your body will burn more calories when breaking it down, but it’s also going to preserve your lean muscle mass and help you look more toned.

Tip 2: Be very selective when it comes to carbohydrates
Focus on natural, unprocessed carb sources to get shredded; like sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal, and beans. On heavy training days, like leg day try to eat more carbs to fuel your workouts, but on other days cut down on carbs a bit. On non-training days, lean more towards vegetables.

Tip 3: Measure your portions
It’s not enough to simply plan how many carbs, proteins, and fats you need. There’s no room for error when you’re on a strict calorie deficit diet. One important step not to overlook is that of measuring your foods out. If you find that weight loss seems to be slowing down, get out those measuring cups and a digital food scale and start measuring everything. If you want success with no plateaus, do this from the very beginning and be disciplined.

Tip 4: Focus On Heavy Weight Lifting
Strength training workouts are most effective for fat burning. There’s nothing wrong with cardio, just don’t do too much. You want to minimise the catabolic effect it has on your muscles. the more lean mass you have the more your body burns fat. Focus on lifting as heavy of a weight as possible, while also keeping the rest periods short. This will force your body to train in an anaerobic manner, which creates that post-workout calorie burns we mentioned.

Tip 5: Get a smart fat burner
Don’t be too quick to jump onto the first one you find however. There are far too many products out there that are more hype than anything else and they most certainly will deter your fat burning goals. Look for a product that is backed by credible research with proven scientific studies to back its claims and with regards to the ingredients it contains, always make sure it’s at the correct doses. Don’t buy a fat burner that has a proprietary blend. Choose a fat burner with fully disclosed ingredients and their correct dosages.

Follow these steps and you will be shredded in no time!