If you enjoy following what is popular in the food and diet industry, see these healthy food trends below:

  1. Healthier Alcoholic Drinks
    Research shows that Generation Z drinks less than previous generations. This may show a spike in alcohol-free or healthier alcoholic drinks, such as organic wines, gluten-free beers, and low-sugar cocktails.
  2. Breakfasts
    Cereals are a thing of the past. You may see a rise in coffee shops offering smoothie bowls, breakfast salads, green matcha pancakes and coconut yoghurt parfaits.
  1. Vegan foods
    Chefs are shunning away from traditionally used ingredients, such as cheese, butter and cream and challenging the need for animal products in food. Vega pastries, pizzas, cakes and pasta are predicted to start trending in the New Year.
  1. Poke Bowls
    From the Insta favourite Indonesian and Hawaiian, poke bowls are fast becoming a trend. Freshly prepared, create your own poke bowl with veggies, tofu, brown rice, seaweed, fruit, and lighter sauces, such as soy sauce (over mayonnaise).
  2. Grain-Free Wraps
    No need for a flour tortilla, wrap your taco in seaweed or grain-free wraps, topped with your favourite guacamole, mince, salsa and feta.
  1. Superfood Powders
    Matcha, Spirulina, Tumeric, Cocoa, Whey, Collagen and many others. Mix these superfood powders into your smoothies or breakfast bars for tremendous health benefits.
  1. Edible Flowers
    Edible flowers will make any dish look more vibrant. Look forward to seeing these in your salads, desserts, drinks and more.
  2. Transparency on Labels
    Following NPL’s Non-Proprietary Blend policy. Consumers want to know what they are buying, and thus more and more companies are adding Non-GMO, Organic products to their lines.Restaurants overseas have also begun to include calorie information to their dishes, so you can make an informed decision when ordering or purchasing consumables.