Summer is coming, and this time of year, everyone focuses on eating a healthy diet and exercising. Unfortunately, so many people fall short of their goals because planning and setting goals is only the first part of the journey. Without making true lifestyle changes, you’re setting yourself up for failure. These 5 tips for a healthier and happier you, will help ensure that you reach your goals, not just for summer, but for life.

  1. Clean Out Your Physical Space

Simply take a few minutes and clean out your space. There are studies behind what a clean space does for your mental health, plus if you’ve set health goals, you don’t want to sabotage yourself by leaving junk food around. So, set aside some time, put on your favourite music, and make the clean-up process fun! Clean out your wardrobe, your office, your fridge, or be ambitious and tackle the whole house! Whatever it takes. A clean and organised space will ensure you get a fresh start.

  1. Clean Out Your Mental Space

The same principles above apply to your mental space. Set some time aside to reflect, clear your head, and get rid of the things that aren’t helping you to reach your goals and live your best life. A great way to get into a calm space is through yoga and meditation. Throw away all the negative self-talk you are holding onto as these negative thoughts are only holding you back. Spend some time, having a quiet conversation with yourself and feel the release of all your mental clutter.

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan!

Setting goals without a clear plan to get you there is asking for trouble, because people set goals without a plan or making any real changes.

Brainstorm and decide what your vision looks like for a healthier, happier you. What does that vision mean to you and how will you get there?  A good way to start this process is by sitting down and writing out a plan of action. By spending time writing it out, not only are you more likely to achieve those goals, but also you have to confront if you really have a plan or not. If you can’t explain how you’re going to get there, chances are, you’re not going to get there at all.

Whatever your goals are: a new job, getting accepted into your university of choice, doing 10 push-ups, cutting sugar out of your diet or anything else, you need to have a plan.

  1. Get More Sleep 

We all enjoy sleeping in, but with life being so busy between work, gym, family and friends, it can be difficult to add another hour to resting for your body to properly recuperate. It is so important to get a good night’s rest when you have goals to reach as sleep is going to help you reach those goals.

Sleep is also crucial in helping you mentally be your best. A well-rested person is much more proactive, has more self-control when it comes to temptations, and has enough energy to treat themselves right. Try to not miss out on sleep, or at least have one day or rest during the week, and you’ll find yourself healthier and happier, and ready to CRUSH your goals each day.

  1. Find your happy

Ensure you practice self-love and focus on you. You deserve it. Find time in your busy schedule to do at least one thing that makes you happy each week. It does not have to be related to your goals and It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else. A good way to start this process is thinking about your personal hobbies and what makes you feel like you are 100% yourself. When you manage to find your happy place and begin to practice it, you may find you have so much for zest for life. Recharge your own batteries so you have more to give, to others, your goals, and ultimately back to yourself.

If you begin to follow these 5 Steps; decluttering, resting, planning and finding your happy place, they will help you to kickstart your journey to healthier and happier you!