During the Festive Season, it is inevitable that most of us may overdo it at a Christmas or New Year’s party. Hangovers are common, but the below tips could help you avoid, or even cure them for the following morning (or afternoon – depending on when you wake up)…

  1. Drink Water
    Alcohol dehydrates, so drinking water in between drinks will help with your hangover the next day. Some people find that sparkling water works even better than spring water, due to the alkalinity effectively neutralizes acidity in the stomach.
  1. Tomato Juice
    If you believe that consuming what you did the night before will cure your hangover, than make yourself a Bloody Mary. Alternatively, try tomato juice with 3 tablespoons of grape vinegar, lemon juice, celery, and salt and pepper.
  1. Bacon and Eggs
    A low-carb, brilliant hangover cure. The success of this hangover cure lies in the eggs, which contain cysteine that somehow manages to break down poisonous compounds in your suffering liver.
  2. Orange Juice
    Orange juice is an amazing hangover cure as it contains large amounts of fructose that helps the liver to process toxins.
  1. Ginger
    Known to help people suffering from nausea. Ginger tea, ginger sweets or ginger beer can certainly help with that icky feeling you may have the morning after a heavy night.
  2. Exercise
    Try a bit of yoga, or a short aerobic walk, which will get your blood pumping. You’ll appreciate the detoxifying effects a little exercise will have on your body.