What alcoholic drinks to drink if you are going to be festive but still fit and healthy this festive season.

Tooting Tip:

Always use lots of ice in your drinks. This makes the drink go further.

Top 6 healthiest Alcoholic Drinks:

Whisky/Vodka & Soda Water/Still Water:

If a drink doesn’t need to be strong for you to enjoy it, it would be encouraged to order the same drink in a bigger glass. 45mls of liquor can go pretty quickly when it’s in a 300ml, ice-filled glass.

By opting for a taller glass, you’ll take longer to enjoy the drink. So, you may only drink one drink at the time you would’ve normally drunk two.

Red Wine:

This will vary slightly depending on alcohol content.

Red wine has been known to have several health benefits, including lowering inflammation, blood pressure and your risk of heart disease. And, no, that doesn’t mean you can drink it all the time.

Light White Wine:

This has a slightly higher sugar content to red wine without the added health benefits. But the light options are a better choice than the others.

Light Beer:

This is going to be higher in carbohydrates, but the alcohol is spread out in a larger volume. So, unlike a quick shot of a straight spirit that can cost you 100 calories in a second, you can sip on a full 330mls of light beer for as little as 60 calories.

Bloody Mary:

The average Bloody Mary contains 125 calories and usually comes in a larger glass than an average sugar filled cocktail, making for a great way to extend your drinking time. The tomato juice has vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin A, giving you more bang for your buck.

Tommy’s Margarita:

This is the highest calorie count on the list, but still not as bad! While a traditional margarita with synthetic mixers and triple sec can run you a steep 400 calories, a Tommy’s Margarita comes in just under 200.

The recipe: tequila, fresh lime, and agave. That’s it! If you want to take it a step further, try this cocktail with smokey mezcal instead of the tequila for big bold flavor.

Not on the traditional Top 6 but here is the Bodybuilders’ Cocktail!


-1/4 cup fresh pineapple

-x2 tablespoons coconut flakes

-x1 teaspoon coconut essence

-200mls pineapple juice

-x1 serving Vanilla Ice Cream Platinum Whey Protein

-x2 shots White Rum/ Vodka (less sugar option)

-Big glass of ice

-Blend it all up in a blender and blend until smooth

-Garnish with freshly cut of pineapple