What is the number one New Year’s resolution?… Eat healthier and lose weight. If you’ve decided that 2018 is your year, eat well, exercise and ensure you get plenty of fluids. These detox water combinations are made with fruit and herbs that will assist you on your journey.

  1. Grapefruit-Cucumber Water
    Combine grapefruit, lemon, and cucumbers into a large jug of water. A diuretic dream, with fat burning properties from the grapefruit; coupled with Vitamin C to leave you feeling an all-around healthy detox.
  1. Cucumber Water
    Cucumbers promote a state of physiological purification. Combine cucumbers in a large jug of water and let it sit for 5minutes before drinking.
  2. Lemon-Ginger Water
    Lemon is known to contain Vitamin C, and promote a healthy digestion. Ginger is also known to combat nausea and promote healthy intestinal wellness.
  3. Blueberry Water
    Filled with antioxidants, Vitamin C, and fiber, this drink is delicious and perfect for eradicating free radical and ulcers in the body.
  1. Watermelon Water
    Watermelon contains strong antioxidants, including amino acids to aid in blood flow and cardiovascular well-being. A perfect and refreshing drink for fitness fanatics.
  1. Raspberry-Mint Water
    Raspberries are an awesome antioxidant, and mint cleanses and clears the stomach; making weight loss delicious and super easy to do.


Enjoy your delicious detox water and start your year off the healthy way!