NPL Series Black Vita Pack is a high potency comprehensive 8-in-1 nutrient focused formula containing multi-vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, adaptogens, amino acids, omega 3, and joint support complex. Together this daily nutrient pack contains all the nutrients needed for overall health and wellness.

If you’re training or dieting this nutrient pack will help support you. Each mineral has been carefully dosed to ensure you receive enough nutrients and vitamins to last you throughout your daily routine.

Bodybuilders and powerlifters generally have higher nutritional requirements. During calorie restrictive diets, the potential for nutritional deficiencies increases tremendously; therefore by supplementing with a daily nutritional vitamin and mineral pack, you ensure you receive all the necessary minerals needed to grow and sculpt your body.

For many of today’s supplements to work competently, your body needs to be running on all cylinders. Nutritional gaps mean that your supplements may be reduced to ineffective. Poor nutrition means poor translation and activation from supplements. NPL Series Black Vita Pack is your insurance policy to prevent this from happening.