Christmas is just around the corner and whether you are looking to buy a gift for your gym buddy or treat yourself to something, we are breaking down the supplements that should be on everyone’s Christmas Wishlist.

  1. Digestive Enzymes

The festive season is a time to eat, drink and be jolly, but this could take a toll on your gut and digestive health which can cause bloating and discomfort. NPL digestive Enzyme’s helps to reduce bloating, promotes healthy digestion and  helps to improve nutrient uptake. Digestive enzymes are considered to be complex proteins that are naturally produced by the body to help digest and breakdown the foods we eat. Oral digestive enzymes are used when the pancreas is unable to produce enough digestive enzymes. The main digestive enzymes include: Proteases for digesting proteins, Lipases for digesting fats and Amylases for digesting carbohydrates. If you intend on indulging throughout the festive season, add Digestive Enzymes to you cart/Wishlist for a more enjoyable and comfortable holiday.

  1. Cleanse & Detox

The festive season is something we all look forward to, but the bloat and discomfort that comes with all the festivities is something we all tend to dread. NPL Cleanse & Detox is a stimulant free weight management system that supports weight loss, natural energy and mental focus. If you are looking for a natural detox before your holiday as well as once you come back from holiday to start your New Year on the right track, add Cleanse & Detox to your Christmas cart/Wish list.

  1. Thermo Cuts Black

If you need to lose that last bit of stubborn fat before hitting the beach this festive season, try the new NPL Thermo Cuts Black. It is the most advanced fat burning formula NPL has created, it also boosts your metabolism, enhances your mood and cognition. If you are looking to cut down for the festive season/beach holiday, add Thermo Cuts Black to your Christmas cart/Wishlist.

  1. Platinum Whey

Just because you are in taking a well-deserved break during the festive season, does not mean you have to lose the gains/progress you have worked so hard for. NPL Platinum Whey is sourced from the USA, using the purest and cleanest whey protein. Platinum Whey  can be used as a  post workout shake to help build lean muscle as well as assist with muscle recovery and repair. Platinum Whey can also be used in meals, such as smoothies and your morning oats. Platinum Whey is a great way to ensure that you are getting in your daily protein intake and preserving your progress/gains during the festive season.

  1. Amino Armour

If you are planning on training during the festive season or you plan on staying active while on holiday i.e. going for hikes, etc. NPL Amino Armour is an intra workout that contains the perfect ratio of essential amino acids to help with muscle recovery and promote protein synthesis.  Amino Armour contains zero carbs and is stimulant free. Amino Armour improves endurance when training, so if you are going to be active throughout your holiday, add Amino Armour to you Christmas cart/Wish list.

  1. BCAA Ultra

The festive season is filled with exciting adventures, but festive prep can be tiring, and you may need an energy boost throughout the day. NPL BCAA Ultra Energy Drink provides increased energy, increased mental focus and contains 5g amino acids. Add BCAA Ultra to your cart when doing your Christmas shopping for the extra boost during the festive season.