Are you struggling to build your booty? Here are some tips that can help you build that round bubble peach.

  1. Mix up your workout routine
    To build your glutes start with compound weight-lifting exercises like deadlifts, squats, lunges and stiff leg deadlifts, working at a range of 3-6 reps. Then moving on to heavier volume work with lighter weights, body weight exercises, resistance machines and cable exercises in the 12-30 rep range. Your glutes are a combination of low and fast twitch muscle groups. Fast twitch muscles react and adapt better to heavier compound exercises. Low twitch muscle fibers adapt best adapt with volume and overload working up to failure. Always make sure you do not compromise form!

    2. Avoid doing cardio over long periods
    Cardio is not going to build a bigger butt, so if you’re hitting the treadmill on an incline, it’s more likely to create some levels of muscle breakdown if you’re not getting enough protein in your meals. Your body is likely to burn protein during long periods of low intensity cardio. Avoid this by supplementing with NPL BCAA’s.

    3. Spend more time under tension
    There are a few different techniques and tips to grow your glutes. One good one is to spend more time under tension. In other words, you will want to move slow and controlled during your exercises to put more strain on your muscles. For example, in a deadlift you can spend 2 seconds going down, do a 1 second pause at the bottom, and then spend 4 seconds coming back up.

    4. Consistently increasing your weights
    To make progress when growing a muscle, you have got to challenge it! The reason you would want to do this is because naturally your body does not like change. When you add more weight to your exercises, you are forcing your muscles to adapt to tension beyond what it is already used to and forcing yourself to change. That change is going to make your booty grow.

    5. Excuse your booty before your leg workout

    Putting your booty to work is how you are going to get that crazy growth. Your glutes are one of the biggest muscle groups in your body and typically the weakest. Especially if you spend most of your day sitting down. Exhausting your glutes before your actual workout is going to help you grow even more and even faster.

    6. Squat Wide, Go Deep
    During a movement like the barbell squat, you can put more emphasis on the glutes just by adjusting your foot position. A hip-width or wider stance will allow you to utilize the glutes more than a narrow stance. When doing Smith-machine squats, kicking your feet well out in front rather than keeping them directly under your body can put extra emphasis on the glutes, too.

    Do you have some tips you want to add? Comment in the comment section below.