Builder a bigger back may seem impossible as most people go too heavy on their pulling exercises from the get-go. They sacrifice form so they end up working their arms and lower back far more than their lats or upper back. The other problem many newer lifters have when training to build a bigger back is that they try to do too much and tend to go way too heavy.

The back is the second largest muscle group in the body and can be worked through so many ranges of motion and different movement patterns, so to get overwhelmed is easy.

Many fall into the trap of trying to do too many different exercises to hit every little muscle, from every little angle as hard as possible with high reps. But instead of targeting the correct muscles they spread their focus.

A much better bet is to narrow your focus on specific muscles with specific routines:

Select focused exercises that zone in on your back muscles and stick with them for the ultimate bigger back. Remember form is everything and really focus on the mind-muscle connection.

Here are a few key exercises for a bigger back:
– Deadlifts are king.
– Rowing variations, but limit these as they work a lot of your arms too.
– Pulling down variations.
– Pull-ups as it gets all the back muscles working together.
– Delts and traps.
– Seated cable rows, but focus on the arms.
– Inverted bodyweight rows. Also targets the entire back. – Rope climb