You may have heard of the ketogenic, or “keto,” diet, which is based on fat- and protein-loaded foods and intended to eliminate carbohydrates as much as possible.

The keto diet works by causing ketosis, which is a process that relies on burning fat to derive energy, rather than taking the energy from carbohydrates.

Ketone salts are a dietary supplement that “encourage” the body to derive its energy by burning fats. This supplement is meant to promote weight loss, and some say that it might boost athletic performance.

So what is Beta-hydroxybutyrate or BHB and Keto salts?

BHB salts are a novel and effective supplement created in a lab to help people enter and sustain ketosis. BHB salts  are a blend of exogenous BHB, mineral salts such as potassium, calcium, sodium, or magnesium, or amino acids like lysine and creatine.

Keto Salts are carefully formulated and contain the actual ketone betahydroxybutyrate bound to sodium, calcium and magnesium and can increase ketone levels much higher than coconut or MCT oil and could bring about even more improvement. Using ketone salts could be part of the overall strategy to raise ketones, keeping coconut and MCT oil as the foundation.

Beta hydroxybutyrate, or simply BHB, is one of the main molecules that helps your body produce energy in the absence of glucose. This is quite essential if you are using your own fat for fuel. As the main ketone body, BHB acts as an energy source. Through ketolysis, ketones are broken down using aerobic respiration inside the mitochondria.

Keto salts are meant to increase the level of ketones in the blood, similarly to ketosis, so that the body will derive its energy from them. Numerous online resources suggest that this nutritional supplement can be used as an aid to weight loss, as well as acting as a reliable energy booster for athletes.