NPL ProLifestyle Diet Pro is a low carb, high protein meal replacement shake, which has been designed to assist you with fat loss. How’s how:

  1. Protein
    We all know protein is king when it comes to building muscle, but did you know it is just as important and impactful when trying to lose weight? A high-protein diet means you will have fewer cravings, increase lean muscle mass, reduce body fat and improve weight maintenance.
  2. Convenience
    When you’re stuck at your desk NPL ProLifestyle Diet Pro meal replacement shakes are perfect for days when you don’t have time to grab lunch, or if you feel for a snack. Keep some stashed away in your drawer so you aren’t tempted to head to the vending machine.
  3. Post Workout
    Have Diet Pro after gym so you’re not ravenous after your workout. This will ensure you have a healthy lunch or supper after gym, instead of raiding the fridge and binging on whatever’s in the pantry.
  4. Cravings
    If you’re craving dessert, mix your Diet Pro with some ice, vanilla essence and sugar-free peanut butter for a healthy sweet treat.
  5. Stress
    Dieting can be so difficult on your mind and body as it increases chronic psychological stress and cortisol production. By supplementing with Diet Pro you ensure your body’s cortisol levels don’t increase, which means you won’t crave sugary, fatty foods.