Healthy eating doesn’t need to be boring. Here are six ways to make it fun, enjoyable and most importantly something you can maintain in the long run.

  1. Do not deprive yourself from the food you love

Instead of investing so much guilt and energy into how bad your favorite food is, try to maintain a mentality of moderation. All foods fit in a healthy diet! Getting rid of the guilt around them and knowing that they’re always available when you want them takes away their power and the need to overindulge


  1. Get inspired

Experiment with new recipes and ingredients you’ve never cooked with before to keep things interesting. Watch food shows together with a loved one. Develop an archive of cooking videos that inspire you, and consider filming your own cooking videos. Page through food magazines to find recipes you’d both like to try.


  1. Focus on companionship

Make it a family journey to live a healthy eating lifestyle. It can be difficult to maintain healthy eating habits if your loved ones are not fully invested in making healthy changes too. When eating is about companionship, it builds positive associations between healthy food and togetherness.


  1. Follow a meal plan

Meals plans offer great exposure to new foods and also make healthy eating quick and easy. Plan ahead. Following a meal plan, created by nutritional experts, is a sure way to get exposure to new meals and ingredients. Click here to get a healthy diet from NPL. This way, you know all the meals are well-balanced and include a winning combination of nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Accept help

Accept help in the kitchen, with your meal plan and at the market. If someone wants to help you prep food, let them. This is a great time to bond and build relationship. Listen to advise and help from a nutritionist, this will take loads of stress off your hands. Let them work out a plan for you that fits into your lifestyle. Make shopping for ingredients a fun outing and bonding time with loved ones.


  1. Track your calories

Tracking calories through calorie counting apps, allows you to keep check of your calorie deficit/surplus and work towards your goal. This way you have access to the nutritional values of food products you are consuming and learn more about nutrition.


We hope you can use these tips and make eating healthy enjoyable and fun, not only for you, but your loved ones.