Our bodies are not seasonal. The phrase “Summer bodies are made in Winter” has been repeated year after year after year. We’re not interested in building “Summer bodies”, we want to build a  healthier lifestyle to feel confident, healthy and happy. That’s why NPL ProLifestyle chooses FOR LIFE… Not just for Summer; because, just like you, we want…

  1. To look down at the scale and see the number you’ve always wanted to see.
  2. To stop hiding from photographs.
  3. To prove to yourself that you can do it.
  4. To not feel so self-conscious.
  5. To believe it when someone says you look beautiful.
  6. To feel sexy.
  7. To be healthier.
  8. To wear short skirts and skinny jeans.
  9. To wear Summer dresses.
  10. To go whole days at a time without thinking about your weight.
  11. To radiate confidence.
  12. To not be shy to go bathing suit shopping.
  13. To actually enjoy clothes shopping.
  14. So boots fit over your calves.
  15. To not feel insecure anymore.
  16. So you can be the photographed instead of the photographer.
  17. For self-love.
  18. To not feeling self-conscious in figure-hugging outfits.
  19. To wearing what you want and looking great.
  20. For energy and vitality.
  21. For lingerie shopping.
  22. To living longer and healthier.
  23. So weight is never an awkward subject.
  24. For the reaction at your next reunion.
  25. To spend less on food and more on clothes.
  26. For crop tops.
  27. To be happy in your own skin.
  28. So you can stop wearing out the inner thighs of your pants.
  29. To sit down in a bikini top and not be self-conscious of your rolls.
  30. To wear cute denim shorts.
  31. For the satisfaction of dropping a dress size.
  32. To love what you see when you look in a mirror.
  33. To buy the clothes you’ve always wanted to wear.
  34. To not look older than you are.
  35. To have the body you’ve always wanted.
  36. To not dreading being invited to active days out.
  37. To not feeling like “the fat friend”.
  38. To take “Weight loss” off your New Year’s Resolutions.
  39. To get a tan on your stomach, back and upper thighs.
  40. No more muffin top.